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Pan-Africanism represents the complexities of black political and intellectual thought spanning more than two hundred years. Pan-Africanism is political, ideological, organizational and cultural. The multiple facets of Pan-African thinking are manifest through various generations. Very basically put Pan-Africanism is a belief that African peoples, both on the African continent and in the Diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. This sense of interconnected pasts and futures has taken many forms, especially in the creation of political institutions to advocate for or advance Pan-Africanism.

I dare say that an African identity is one of the most endangered anthropological species! Is aid a continuation od dominance of the west over Africa? Are Conditions a set back to true and total Freedom to Africa. Is Trade the Answer? Is Investments the Messiah that will finally liberate the African Continet from the devils that Afflict it?

Join me in Nairobi-Kenya With Joe Beasley (International African Citizen-in-chief) and Alex Tum  (Media Consultant and host of the Real Deal on Kass TV as we explore the next generation of Pan-Africanism. The Event will be held on 25th September at Cathedral Hall, Luther Plaza from 9.00am to 12pm.

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