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Tribute 3.0

Since i turned 18 I have tried to always convert the celebration of my new year into something meaningful that honors my community. I am grateful that I have celebrated many birthdays before. The months of October and November are a time for me to re-awaken and re-kindle the flame with my friends to honor and/or to make new commitments.

Tribute 3.0 inspires me to implore various leaders of industry, community and politics to come together to support my new initiative TAIC '15 which will be held in Kigali, Rwanda. This follows a successful TAIC 14 held in Nairobi, Kenya on 24th through 26th September 2014, and graced by my friend and mentor, Joe Beasley, the Southern Regional Director of the Rainbow/Push Coalition. TAIC stands for Trade Aid Investements Conditions you can read more about TAIC by visiting my Initiatives page.

Tribute 3.0 is about new mentorship for Africa. It is about empowering communities through sustainable intra-Africa trade and skills-exchange programs. In order to make Tribute 3.0 a success, I have scheduled meetings in Atlanta, San Fransisco, Seattle and DC.

Join me and let us discuss how we can partner in TAIC 2015 to make a difference.