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Progressive LGBTIA advocacy




Before i immigrated to the United States i was not able to openly discuss my sexual orientation. I was in the closet for the most part, and was blackmailed by my "friends" who used the stigma that comes with being gay in my country to manipulate me. I lacked the confidence to say that i am who i am. I did not want to embarrass my family or bring my friends, most of whom were senior politicians and church ministers, into disrepute.

The time came for me to be true to myself. I faced a very unique situation, where i had to way between living an honest life, true to self, or continue in hiding and hypocrisy. I wrestled with my conscience for a long while.

Most people misunderstand LGBTQIA issues. My interests in gay rights is drawn from a passion to see LGBTQIA people treated as human. Being gay is not a disability for me and it should not be treated as such. I am interested in seeing a more inclusive, debate that will raise the consciousness of our society and provide a platform where gay people can live as human beings without prejudice and stigma.

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