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An Act of Kindness



I am intrigued by religion. Faith has been a primary cause of war and death. It has also provided comfort and joy to the berieved, hope to those who hurt and brotherhood for those without families. I know it is a double edged sword. That's why i am not the religious type. I am an ordained Minister and a practicing christian. I believe. That is as far as i go.

I want to leave a life that emulates godliness. Godliness: that is, the quality or state of being spiritually pure or virtuous. Of living a virtuous life, honest, genuine, sincere. I have a quest for the truth. I am not the first. So many men have been here before me. I am am not a believer in religion for religious sake. I am a believer in the acts of God. Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Honesty, Hardwork and Sicerelity.

I find my prophets, not in the words of the dead, but in the profound and simple acts of kindness and society. I am a believer in the brotherhood of mankind, in the equality of all men, and in the realization of a just and free society. My spiritual awakening and conscience can be found in its full expression on my upcoming website:


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