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Trade Aid Investments Conditions


Mr. Tom Aosa, the President of the National Council of Community-based Organizations addresses delegates at the TAIC 14: Bold forum

TAIC 14; Speakers

Mr. Joe Beasley (right), Mr. Tom Aosa (center) and Mr. Isaiah Akenga (left) follow proceedings of the TAIC 14: BOLD forum held at Luther Plaza in Nairobi.

TAIC 14: Sponsors

Mr. Isaiah Akenga, the Director of ANEC Center and Mr. Joe Beasley, the President of the Joe Beasley Foundation consulting during the TAIC 14: BOLD event. Isai

Joe Beasley

Joe Beasley speaks at the inaugural TAIC 14 (Trade Aid Investment Conditions) Pan African Youth Forum at Luther Plaza held on 24, 25 and 26th September 2014

TAIC 360

Ms. Irene Kendi and Mr. Joe Beasley consulting at TAIC 360 forum where education, information and collaboration was discussed to enhance technology and the use of information as a resource.

Irene Kendi Speaks

Ms. Irene Kendi addresses the delegates at TAIC 14 Pan African Youth Forum held at Luther Plaza in Nairobi, Kenya. She discussed the Knowledge Economy and how the youth can participate and cash in.

Jeph Collins Speaks

Mr. Jeph Collins Munene - co-chair of TAIC 14 addresses delegates during the closing session of the TAIC 14 forum.


Delegates follow proceedings at TAIC 14. The session discussed the challenges facing intra-Africa trade and the policy changes needed to realize a united African Market

TAIC Delegates

A group photo of the delegates of the TAIC 14 Youth Forum. Delegates were drawn from local universities, colleges, young professionals, church leaders and other community leaders.

Background Information

TAIC is a movement of young Pan Africans who are working towards the realization of sustainable Africa Economy. TAIC stands for Trade Aid Investment Conditions. It is a vehicle that seeks to grow Africa's policies from reliance on AID to becoming a leader on TRADE. TAIC seeks to be an avenue that will enable the youth from across Africa to advocate for fair trade practices, the growth and expansion of the African Market for the African Produce and Intra-continental infrastructural development.

TAIC conceptualizes the 54 African nations working together as a marekt bloc allowing easy movement of goods and services, growing trade and economy as well as increasing accountability, transparency and responsiveness in governance.

TAIC addresses cross-cutting issues such as health, education, entrepreneursip, technology, cohesion, govenance and social justice. This issues are grouped under the following thematic pillars:


Issues relating to trade, economy, enterprise, business growth and development, including plicy changes in education to encourage the growth of Information technology and enterpreneuship.

2. AID

Issues that Africa still grapples with that can be addressed through AFRICAID a forum for funding Africa by Africans from across the globe. This includes issues such as HEALTH TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH RESEARCH, HEALTH INTERVENTION, NUTRITION TECHNOLOGY collaboration.


Advocating for cross border partenrships for cross border infrastructural development. this includes hosting forums for African thinkers to conceptualize and propose the fastest easiest ways to implement infrastructural development that will open Africa for joint intra-africa trade.


Necessary conditions that will ensure growth and sustainability. This includes: Governance, Transparency, Equity, Human Rights, Democracy, Social Justice and Accountability.

together through encouraging trade between themselves to value add and consume them within the continent or export them after value addition.

Strategic Direction

TAIC intends to hold sensitization workshops with youth especially student leaders and young entrepreneurs to explore new business ideas and how they can be harnessed to reduce over reliance of employment and also brain drain to the developed world.

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