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Martin Luther King Jr. Africa Foundation legally incorporated in Kenya as a public charity in 2006. The foundation began in 2005, when Mwangi Mukami, who then served as the president of Africa Teens Federation, wrote a charter on non-violence, adopting non-violence as a strategy of agitating for social change. This charter granted authority to the Confederacy of the First Presidency to institute a non-profit agency to train and disseminate non-violence communication in Africa. The agency was an amorphous movement of the charter operating under the name: Martin Luther King Jr. Institute of International peace.

The need to incorporate a public charity independent of ATF began as many young people across Africa requested to join the movement. It became necessary to separate the membership of ATF from the activities of the movement and to be able to draw partners and remain transparent and accountable. It is in this regard that in consultation with Robert Kerr, Cultural Affairs Consular at the US Embassy in Nairobi, that the foundation was registered.

In January 17 2006, the ninth Vice President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Hon. Dr. Moody Awori, officially inaugurated the foundation in a meeting that was attended by 11 Ambassadors, 12 cabinet Ministers and 65 representatives of Diplomatic Corps. The inauguration was held at the groundbreaking ceremony of the land that was to house the MLK Africa headquarters in Africa.

The foundation remained a dynamic tenet of the Kenyan fabric until 2011 when the King Center (USA) declined to grant the foundation a license...

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