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Mwangi Mukami retired as the President of the Children Parliament in 2002 and participated in youth-led activities organized by the Youth Agenda and The African Youth Parliament both non-governmental organizations situated in Nairobi. Mwangi Mukami felt that, although these organizations were founded with good intent, they were not representative and often did not capture the struggles of the Youth in the slums and rural Kenya. In order to solve this challenge, he sponsored an open day forum hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints to create a united front in pushing for inclusion of the youth in Policy and governance.

40 youth representatives attended the 2003 open day forum. They were drawn from each of the eight provinces in Kenya, representatives of the Students Unions, Youth Polytechnics, and Youth Groups. The youth felt that agitating for inclusion in government policy was best achieved through a united front. Mwangi shared his experiences in the Children Cabinet which led to the adoption of the Children Act.

During this forum, several proposals were made, they included:

  • The formation of an umbrella body for the youth, the organization should be youth-led and focus on issues pertaining the youth.
  • The immediate commencement of recruitment of the youth in electing representatives from the constituency to articulate grassroots issues
  • The registration of a secretariat to run the organization and facilitate the first election of National leaders
  • An interim committee to manage the organization until the elections

Mwangi Mukami was able to bring on board a team of leaders from religious and professional circles to support the establishment of the Organization. They Include.

  1. Hon Julia Ojiambo – Who served as Patron
  2. Bishop Kamau – Who served as the Secretary
  3. Rev. Mitch Medina – Who served as Adviser
  4. Major Rtd. Humphrey Nguma – Who served as the treasurer
  5. Mr Wanjohi Clerk – Who served as the chief liaison between the National Assembly and the organization

This is the team that midwifed the birth of the National Youth Parliament and oversaw the first ever election of Youth Parliamentarians in Kenya.

In order to fulfill the legal requirement the secretariat of the organization was registered as an irrevocable charitable Trust of the Kenya National Assembly.


In November 2003, the National Youth Parliament commenced its operations at an office donated by retired Funyula Member of Parliament, Hon. Julia Ojiambo. The interim secretariat of five served as the board that will oversee the elections of the first representative parliament of the Youth. Through the late Clerk of the national Assembly, Hon Gichohi and the goodwill of the then Speaker, Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, the National Youth Parliament held an extra-ordinary Assembly at the National parliament where Mwangi Mukami, having been elected President, was sworn in for a term of 2 years. The ninth Vice President of the Republic of Kenya graced the occasion and presided over the swearing in of the Youth Cabinet and Parliamentarians in March 2004.

In June 2004, the Youth Cabinet began the push for the adoption of a Youth Policy, the formation of a Youth Ministry and legislation of policies that are beneficial to the youth and create employment. These efforts culminated in the National Youth Policy of 2006, the formation of the first Ministry of Youth and finally the adoption of the National Youth Council Act of 2009. Mwangi Mukami was appointed an advisor on Youth Affairs in the Office of the Vice President with several members of the Youth Cabinet participating in various positions within the newly constituted Youth Ministry.



Build in the citizenry domain a united nation with a sense of common purpose, free and tolerant society that is productive, prosperous, & innovative

What does the organization do?

  • Nurture positive character in Youth
  • Foster sense of patriotism in Youth
  • Build confidence & self-esteem
  • Build entrepreneur Youth who sees problems as challenges and view failures as opportunities for success
  • Promote respect for Environment & Natural resource
  • Promote gender equity
  • Promote youth participation in democratic decision making

Opportunities for Youth

  • Leadership & Training
  • Grants to establish micro-enterprise programs
  • Venture into career i.e. Volunteer's in Police Service Scheme
  • Fee Health Care through the Youth Financial Health Program
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